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Private Paediatric Physiotherapy for Toddlers

About Toddler Physiotherapy

Our Toddler Physiotherapy Service is tailored towards children aged 1-3 years old with developmental and musculoskeletal issues. The service is particularly beneficial for toddlers that may not be hitting developmental milestones, or are struggling to keep up with their peers.

Early intervention is key, which is why we offer this specialist Toddler Physiotherapy service separately to babies and children. This way we can tailor treatments and interventions especially for their age group, maximising the impact of physiotherapy.

Our Toddler Physiotherapy service helps to minimise any undesirable movement patterns from forming early on, and helps to get on top of existing problems before they have the chance to develop further.

Who Toddler Physiotherapy is For?

Our Toddler Physiotherapy service is aimed at children aged 1-3 years old. The service benefits a range of conditions, including:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental delay
  • Genetic disorders
  • High/low tone
  • Hypermobility
  • Abnormal gait/walking patterns (toe walking, flat feet, in/out-toeing, poor posture)
  • Poor balance/coordination including frequent falls
  • Delayed milestones
  • Post-injury rehab

The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch with us about our Toddler Physiotherapy service if you have any questions or concerns about your toddler.

How We Can Help With Toddler Physiotherapy

Our team of specialist Child Physiotherapists are here to support your child with any developmental issues and genetic conditions that might have an impact on their physical abilities. We use a range of treatments and child physiotherapy exercises, as well as providing parents and carers with advice to encourage development outside of the clinic.

  • Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy – if you’re keen to learn more, read our latest blog about DMI Therapy
  • Whole body vibration machine to help with reducing spasticity, improving muscle strength and balance, and relaxation
  • Flexi Bounce Therapy
  • Treadmill Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Neuro-Muscular
  • Electrical Stimulation – use of electrodes on muscles to help with sensory feedback, muscle innervation, and timing
  • Advice on and ability to refer for orthotic management if required
  • Advice on positioning and purposeful play to maximise functional ability
  • Provision of Lycra garments

When to See Us

If you’re wondering whether or not Toddler Physiotherapy is right for your child, we’ve outlined a few scenarios below that we can help with.

  • Physiotherapy is required to compliment NHS treatments
  • Your toddler required child physiotherapy sooner than the NHS can accommodate them
  • If your toddler is not meeting developmental milestones or you’re concerned about their overall development
  • Medical and genetic conditions that would benefit from child physiotherapy
  • If your toddler requires intensive physiotherapy

If this sounds like your toddler or your concerns, book a complimentary consultation with us today to see how your child could benefit from Toddler Physiotherapy. We simply ask that, before the consultation, you fill in a short questionnaire to help us understand your concerns better.

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Toddler Physiotherapy FAQs

A child or toddler may be suitable for physiotherapy if they are very behind with hitting development milestones. They may also be referred if there is a noted difference between them and other children their age. This should not be a worry, it just means they need more support. Our toddler physiotherapy sessions are designed specifically to treat those within the age range of 1-3.

We have specific physio sessions for toddlers so that we can tailor them to what is expected of their development for their age. Toddlers are constantly learning at a fast pace so it’s important to acknowledge it as a key life stage. We can identify any potential issues that can be corrected early. It also enables us to set up our sessions to be more fun and interesting for their age.

Physiotherapy for toddlers can help with a wide range of different issues from developmental to walking patterns and coordination. Children’s physiotherapy helps with early identification and treatment. It gives them a better chance to develop with the same skills as their peers. We also offer physiotherapy for babies and for older children and teens.

Children’s physiotherapy can continue to help your child with their progress if they have been identified as having a development delay. Usually, GDD is identified when your child is a baby, and your health visitor would at that point refer you for appropriate treatment. We can continue this therapy into their toddler stage and tailor each session to their specific needs.

Our physiotherapists work with children and young people on a daily basis. We try to keep our sessions fun and engaging and aim to keep them relaxed throughout. There is also an emphasis on play-based activities. Your session may be best to work around any certain routine your toddler has, such as nap time.