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Baby Physiotherapy

About Baby Physiotherapy

Our Baby Physiotherapy service is tailored towards babies from birth up to age 1. We’re here to support babies that need a bit of extra help with regards to traumatic births, early births, developmental issues, and musculoskeletal issues.

Early intervention is key, which is why we offer this specialist Baby Physiotherapy service separately to toddlers and children. It helps to minimise any undesirable movement patterns from forming, and helps to get on top of existing conditions to minimise their impact as they grow.

Your babies’ brains are growing and adapting so much at this stage that we want to harness that potential and give them the best opportunity to support the development of their milestones as they get older.

Who Baby Physiotherapy is For?

Our Baby Physiotherapy service is aimed at babies from birth to 1 year old. The service benefits a range of conditions including:

  • Traumatic, or early birth
  • Difficulties related to development before birth
  • Torticollis (head turn preference)
  • Plagiocephaly (flattening of the head)
  • Foot abnormalities (e.g.
  • Positional Talipes)
  • Erbs Palsy/Obstetric
  • Brachial Plexus Lesions
  • Muscles feel floppier than they should be or,
  • Resistance when trying to move the limbs
  • Not hitting developmental milestones

The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch with us about our Baby Physiotherapy service if you have any questions or concerns about your baby.

How We Can Help With Baby Physiotherapy

Our qualified children’s physiotherapists are here to support your baby and encourage their development. We use a range of treatments for this and can provide useful advice to parents and carers to help you continue Baby Physiotherapy away from the clinic.

  • Therapeutic handling, positioning and activities
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Intervention (DMI) therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Advice for parents and carers on a range of topics, such as:
    • Advice on and provision of lycra garments where appropriate
    • Teach parents and carers about purposeful play ideas, positioning, and appropriate equipment
  • We have a range of appropriate and specialist equipment such as
    • Floor position packs
    • Gym balls and peanuts
    • Light up toys
    • Fine motor toys

When to See Us

If you’re unsure whether or not Baby Physiotherapy is right for your baby, we’ve listed a few scenarios below that we can assist with.

  • If your baby requires additional physiotherapy to compliment NHS treatments
  • If your baby is awaiting physiotherapy treatments, but you’d like them to be seen sooner
  • If your baby is not meeting developmental milestones or you’re concerned about their overall development
  • If your baby has a medical condition that would benefit from Baby Physiotherapy
  • If your baby requires intensive physiotherapy
  • If this sounds like your baby or your concerns, book a complimentary consultation with us today to see how your baby could benefit from Baby Physiotherapy. We simply ask that, before the consultation, you fill in a short questionnaire to help us understand your concerns better.

If this sounds like your baby or your concerns, book a complimentary consultation with us today to see how your baby could benefit from Baby Physiotherapy. We simply ask that, before the consultation, you fill in a short questionnaire to help us understand your concerns better.

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Baby Physiotherapy FAQs

Paediatric physiotherapy can assist in helping your baby strengthen their movements and help them to reach developmental milestones. Whilst these milestones are reached at different stages for each individual, the involvement of a paediatric physiotherapist will focus on the areas needed and help them to explore the world around them.

If your baby needs physiotherapy, we would assess their development and fine motor skills to examine what kind of treatment would achieve the best results. The aim of providing physiotherapy to babies is to work closely alongside the baby’s family to help their development through play. We make our sessions as engaging and fun as possible for your little one.

Physiotherapy may be required once appropriate treatment has been completed, depending on the circumstances. It may be needed to give them a little help with the crawling and walking stage of their development.

Hip dysplasia is checked for within the first 72 hours of your baby being born and again by the health visitor at around 8 weeks. If your baby is identified as having hip dysplasia, it can usually be corrected early on by wearing a special harness. 

If hip issues are not identified until later on in the development stage or your baby has had to have corrective surgery, then physiotherapy may be recommended.

From your first appointment we will go through the assessment of your baby’s needs. We can look at their strengths, weaknesses and areas that require improvement. We will create a therapy plan, with some exercises that can be continued at home. Our baby physiotherapy sessions will be a fun and relaxed environment for your baby.