Therapy Stars terms and conditions

Therapy Stars is a privately-owned physiotherapy company that specialises in the assessment, treatment and management of babies, children and young  adults. The practice is based in Penley, Wrexham but covers North East Wales,  Cheshire and Shropshire. 


For all clients who book an an initial assessment or continue with “Pay as you go” follow up  sessions, we do ask for full payment at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.  

For home visits, there is an additional charge for travel from our base (LL13 0LQ) and back.  There is also travel charges for any return travel greater than 30 minutes. This will always be  discussed and agreed before your first session. Please contact us for up to date fees.  

Packages of treatment are available at a special price that can be paid in full or as part of a  12 month subscription via Direct Debit. We would recommend this for those wanting  regular or a block of intensive treatment sessions. We offer various bespoke packages, so  please contact us directly for more information and to discuss your child’s needs.  

Intensive Programmes are also available throughout the year. These require a 50% deposit  to secure your Intensive dates. The 50% outstanding balance will then be required prior to  your child’s first session.  


Record keeping, written advice and an initial home exercise programme are included in the  fee for an assessment/treatment. General liaison including email/phone calls is also  included in the fee, unless longer than 30 mins when it will be charged at our hourly rate pro  rata. Formal written letters/reports and attendance at meetings will be charged at our  hourly rate pro rata. These will only be undertaken with prior parental agreement. 


Payment for an initial assessment and any “Pay as you go” treatment sessions is required at  least 24 hours before the appointment takes place. An invoice will be sent via email.  Payment can be made via BACS (bank) transfer or debit card via Stripe. NO PAYMENT CAN  BE TAKEN AT THE APPOINTMENT. 

Packages/blocks of treatment can be paid by Direct Debit. A receipted invoice will be issued on request. All payment must be settled within 7 days of receipt of an invoice.  


We do understand that from time-to-time appointments need to be cancelled or rearranged  due to illness or situations beyond your control. However, as a small business we do have to  adhere to a strict cancellation policy. V5. 1221


If you miss a scheduled appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be  liable to pay the full cost of the session. If you are subscribed to one of our packages, the  missed appointment will be deducted from your package total.  

If you/your child attends an appointment but has symptoms in line with our Covid  screening, you/they may be refused entry by a member of our staff. You will be liable for  the full cost of this appointment. If you have any concerns or queries about attending,  please contact our team more than 24 hours prior to your appointment to check if you  should proceed.  

Where possible we will try to be flexible with regards to cancellations within 24 hours. For  example, you may be offered a virtual appointment as an alternative to your cancelled face  to face session if appropriate. However if this is not an option, you will be liable for the full  session fee.  

Although we will try to avoid it, your therapist may need to cancel a scheduled session.  Where possible we will always attempt to rearrange as soon as possible at a mutually  convenient time.  

Intensive Programmes: If we have notice more than 30 days prior to the intensive starting,  we are happy to transfer dates of your Intensive for no extra charge as we would hope to fill  the open slot from our cancellation list.  

With less than 30 days we would need a Doctor’s letter to confirm your child’s  illness/surgery in order to be able transfer your deposit/payment to new dates. Without  this, cancellation will incur the full fee. This is because we are unlikely to be able to fill the  Intensive slot unfortunately.  

If you/your child has a short term illness just before/during your Intensive, we would try to  accommodate your hours as best we could within the time that you are with us. 

Confidentiality and Data Protection 

Any information that you share with us about you or your child will be treated as  confidential. We will not share any information with anyone without your permission,  except where required by law or if necessary to protect you, your child or someone else. All  our record keeping is in adherence with the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see our full  privacy policy on our website for more details. V5. 1221