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At Therapy Stars, our Child Physiotherapy services are available from birth, right up to the age of 18, and beyond where needed. We work with children suffering from a range of conditions, including injuries, developmental conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, genetic conditions, neurological conditions, and more. Get in touch with us today and book a complimentary telephone consultation to see how Therapy Stars could help support you and your child.

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How it works…

The first step on your journey with Therapy Stars is to book a Child Physiotherapy assessment appointment. Our comprehensive physiotherapy assessments allow the Team to find out more information about your child, their needs and goals, and how we can help to achieve these. They are also when we can start to build our long-lasting, successful relationship with both your child and family, which is key to effective and excellent Child Physiotherapy.

Prior to your Physiotherapy assessment appointment, we politely ask that you fill in our parent questionnaire, found below. The questionnaire covers your main reasons for requesting Child Physiotherapy, any relevant information about your child, including medical and birth history, and any other professionals involved in your child’s health. The questionnaire should be returned to us before your child’s initial Physiotherapy assessment if possible. This information enables our Child Physiotherapists to read through the information before the assessment, allowing more time for a thorough physical assessment.

We offer Child Physiotherapy assessments at our clinic in Penley, however these can also be completed at home, if required. The assessment appointment can last anywhere up to 1 hour, but this may be longer/shorter depending on the child/young adult and their needs. Some children may need their Physiotherapy assessment session to be split into shorter sessions, or have longer sessions, but this can be discussed on the day.

A Child Physiotherapy assessment may include assessing your child’s joints, muscles and functional abilities. Please be aware that the Therapist may need to ask for your child to be partially undressed in order to effectively complete the examination.

After the assessment is completed your Child Physiotherapist may provide some advice or devise a simple home exercise programme. You will also have the chance to discuss whether or not further Child Physiotherapy treatment would be beneficial for your child, ask any questions that you may have and plan ongoing Physiotherapy treatment if required.

Parent Questionnaire

If your child requires physiotherapy, please click on the link below and fill out our Parent Questionnaire prior to their first appointment. This will save time when your child’s Therapist visits to assess your child.