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Private Paediatric Physiotherapy for Young Adults

About Private Paediatric Physiotherapy for Young Adults

Our Physiotherapy Service for Young Adults helps those aged 18+ with long-term management of conditions, and with the transition to adult health services or with the transition to higher education.

Therapy Stars do NOT stop seeing clients once they turn 18. As long as we have the skills to help and support young people, we’re here to support their journey as needed.

Who is Young Adult Physiotherapy For?

Our Private Paediatric Physiotherapy service for young adults is suitable for those aged 18+. The service benefits a range of young adults including:

  • Young adults that need advice or support regarding long-term management of conditions
  • Those that require advice and support regarding self-management of conditions
  • Young adults that wish to gain independence, perhaps to attend higher education
  • Those that will be transitioning to adult healthcare services

The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to get in touch with us about our Young Adult Physiotherapy service if you have any questions or concerns.

How We Can Help With Private Paediatric Physiotherapy for Young Adults

Our team of specialist Physiotherapists are here to support Young Adults, helping them to reach their full potential as they begin transitioning into adulthood. We use a range of treatments and equipment in-clinic, as well as providing advice and support for those moving on from us.

  • Exercises and techniques for long-term management of conditions and;
  • Self-management of conditions
  • Home exercise programmes
  • Access to community facilities, clubs, hobbies, etc.
  • Advice for parents and carers as appropriate

When to See Us

If you’re unsure of whether our Young Adult Physiotherapy service is right for your child, we’ve outlined a few scenarios that we can help with below.

  • Transition from child physiotherapy services to adult healthcare services
  • Transition to higher education, work or learning to self-manage conditions for adult life
  • Requirements for intensive physiotherapy
  • Your young adult is awaiting NHS treatment, but you’d like a stop-gap in the meantime
  • To maintain ongoing Physiotherapy sessions

If one or more of the scenarios above sounds like your situation, get in touch with us today to book a free consultation to see how Therapy Stars could help support you and your child with the transition into adulthood. We simply ask that, before the consultation, you fill in a short questionnaire to help us understand your concerns better.

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