Rachel Morris

Physiotherapy Assistant

How long have you worked at Therapy Stars?

6 months.

Relevant Industry Experience:

Working at Derwen College in the Physiotherapy Department assisting in the hydrotherapy sessions for our students with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Relevant Industry Accomplishments:

Completing a research project on ‘using a Physiotherapy app to increase exercise participation’. Following a presentation to management the concept is now fully operational within the Physiotherapy department.

Relevant Industry Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Senior
  • Therapy Assistant L3
  • RLSS Shallow pool rescue award
  • First Aid at Work L3
  • ISPE Pool Operator Course
  • Hydrotherapy awareness course
  • Gym instructor Qualification

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy working 1:1 with the students enabling me to create bespoke person-centred sessions. This ensures their Physiotherapy is delivered in the way they choose. I also enjoy working alongside other therapists such as Speech & Language therapists and Occupational therapists which in turn helps create a holistic approach to the clients therapy sessions.

What do you enjoy about working for Therapy Stars?

I enjoy being part of a very professional team which demonstrates this through thorough assessments of clients and delivery of their therapy. All the team has made me feel included and valued for my contribution.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy long dog walks incorporating my Geocaching hobby! I’m a member of my local church helping with the children’s work and the community café. I also enjoy baking, gardening and relaxing at home watching films.

If you weren’t in your current job role/career, what would you be?

A saleswoman of one kind or another? I love selling!

What is your hidden talent?

It is so hidden I can’t find it!

Brief Biography:

It becomes apparent as I write this that I am not averse to changes in my career.

Post school I went to Catering college for 3 years and qualified to be a chef. This took me to Bournemouth to work in various hotels in a live-in position. I then moved to a job with improved hours and became a receptionist for a large insurance company whilst working for the police at the same time as a Special Constable. Marriage and four children later (including twins) brought me to Shropshire to take on a caring role within a Domiciliary company, which in turn brought me to work in a college for students with learning difficulties. Physiology and anatomy interests came about through becoming a Rebound Therapy instructor within my current job which in turn resulted in taking on a role as Physiotherapy assistant.