Calling all new parents…!

Calling all new parents…!

Newborn baby

For all parents of newborn babies, please stay tuned over the next few weeks as Therapy Stars, in conjunction with other Professional colleagues, will bring you tips on how to navigate those tricky first 12 months.

We all know how stressful it can be….you’ve waited 9 months for your little bundle of joy to arrive. Then…after the initial excitement, discomfort of birth and flurry of visitors, you are left with this tiny human being who relies on you for EVERYTHING!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Sounds like screaming!).

Suddenly you feel like you are expected to know what to do with this person-you can read all the books and blog posts, but reality can still be SO daunting. Plus if you are a “google” parent (like most of us these days), then for every piece of advice you find, you can also find someone that disagrees….! AAAAHHHHHH (More screaming!)

The first 12 months can be a minefield-there’s lots of talk of “routines” and “feeding”, you desperately want (read: NEED) your baby to sleep. Should you persevere with breast feeding or swap to bottles? Then which bottles? Has he/she got colic? Milk intolerance? Tongue tie? Head turn preference? Don’t get started on tummy time….! (Cue more screaming if you haven’t already woken baby!).

Well…we are here to help. We can offer some tips and advice on our blog and over on our Social Media channels that we have used both professionally as well as personally. Subjects we will cover will include Tummy Time (it doesn’t need to be difficult), Sleeping, Rolling as well as Mum’s health and exercise (Yes….you CAN and WILL feel your pelvis floor again one day!)

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Sian 🙂