What is Paediatric Physiotherapy?

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Therapy Stars offers Paediatric Physiotherapy…but what is it?

Paediatric physiotherapists are physiotherapists who have experience and training to specifically treat children and teenagers. All physiotherapists have general training during their degree, and can then specialise in different areas, dependent on their interests, experience and developing skills.

Physiotherapists who work with children can be found in hospitals, in the community and in private practice. They can help children with a variety of symptoms, injuries, conditions and illnesses.

Paediatric physiotherapists will have a solid understanding of child development and growth, as this is a major difference between treating adults and children. They will also have knowledge of treatment methods that aim to maximise a child’s function and potential, whilst appreciating that childhood is a time for fun and enjoyment.

So what can we help with? A variety of concerns or problems including:

  • Baby development and milestone checks-if you feel your child has some developmental delay or shows unusual postures/movements
  • Gait abnormalities-if you feel your child does not walk properly
  • Long term treatment for children with developmental delay, diagnosed conditions and/or additional needs
  • Strengthening for pre and post SDR Rehabilitation¬†
  • Rehabilitation following an illness, injury or post-surgery
  • Advice and education for parents, families, education staff and carers

We can offer assessment and ongoing treatment from our clinic in Penley, Wrexham or at your child’s home, school or nursery (travel fees do apply). Please see our fees section for more information¬†https://therapystars.co.uk/fees/

If you are unsure if your child may benefit from paediatric physiotherapy, please contact us at info@therapystars.co.uk or Sian on 01948 830583. Please also see some of the conditions that we can assess and treat (although this list is by no means exhaustive!) at https://therapystars.co.uk/conditions/