Physiotherapy treatment sessions generally take place at home. This allows us to use toys, games and equipment that is readily available to the child and can fit into your child’s daily routines. It is also in a familiar setting, which puts the child at ease. Children may also be seen at their school/nursery if appropriate.

The follow up sessions usually take about an hour, but this will be dependent on the treatment required and the age of the child.

Therapy Stars - Treatment

Treatment may include:

  • Advice about activities
  • Individual treatment sessions
  • Home exercise programmes
  • School/Nursery visits
  • Small group exercise classes
  • Hydrotherapy/Aquatic therapy
  • Advice about equipment
  • Advice about footwear/orthotics
  • Review assessments

The frequency of treatment sessions can vary. Some children may only need a “one-off” assessment and treatment session, where as other would benefit from regular input. All of this will be discussed with you by your child’s Therapist and will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to discuss in detail any problems or ailments that you or your child might have and you think I can help please contact me.