Once your child has been referred to us, we will contact you to discuss the referral and decide if your child would benefit from a physiotherapy assessment. We can then organise a convenient time and place for an initial assessment if required. This is usually at home, but can be in a clinic setting if this is more appropriate.

Prior to this appointment, you will be sent a questionnaire that will cover your main reasons for requesting physiotherapy, any relevant information about your child, including medical and birth history, and any other professionals involved in your child’s health. This should be returned before your child’s initial assessment if possible, or brought with you on the day. This enables the Therapist to read the information before the assessment, allowing more time for a thorough physical assessment.

An assessment will usually last approximately 1 hour, but this may be altered dependent on the child. Some children may need this to be split into shorter sessions or it may take longer if your child had complex needs. This can be discussed on the day.

An assessment is likely to include looking at your child’s joints, muscles and functional abilities. The Therapist may need to ask for your child to be partially undressed in order to aid the examination

After the assessment is completed your Therapist may need to only give some advice or devise a simple home exercise programme. You will also get chance to discuss if further physiotherapy treatment would be beneficial for your child, ask any questions that you may have and plan ongoing physiotherapy treatment if required.

Therapy Stars Assessment

If you would like to discuss in detail any problems or ailments that you or your child might have and you think I can help please contact us.